Fisher Real Estate is a full-service, forward-thinking brokerage leveraging the latest technologies and unparalleled market analysis. Their latest listing is 10 Eat Fire Spring which is powered entirely by cutting edge solar technology. This net zero home also utilizes geothermal innovation for heating and cooling sources. A luxurious “smart home” that was crafted with the epitome of comfort and design in mind. There are times when words & images cannot convey how truly incredible a property like this is, which is where we came in. 


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We worked closely with principal broker & rental agent Brian Sullivan on crafting out this piece. Brian educated us on the home & how it operated so we could reflect that in the video. As it runs on solar, we used our time-lapse technology & equipment to really bring it to the next level & compliment the capabilities of the home. Our focus was to showcase the fictionality & offerings of the home but also the work that went into it.   We wanted to avoid talking about the amount of rooms the home had & zone in on the advantages of purchasing a home like this.