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Holidays for Heroes supports a community of partners in rebuilding wounded veterans' worlds. We were honored when they approached us to create a short film for them that would showcase the true meaning of Memorial Day and their mission, while highlighting the warmth of the Nantucket community and their support for fallen heroes. It needed to be filmed & pushed out over the course of Memorial Day weekend while events were happening on Nantucket. We wanted to make sure the piece was emotional and inspiring, which was a challenge as it needed to be filmed and turned over in less than 36 hours.


Donors, Veterans, Supporters, people who are unaware of the true meaning of Memorial Day & the Nantucket Community.


We worked closely with the organization's board, Tom McCann, Andrea & Neil Plazner & Shelley Crawford before we picked up a camera. When creating a piece as powerful as this it’s important that everyone has the same vision. Lucky for us, these guys knew what they wanted. We talked about their hopes for video & their biggest pain points, which was the fact that the true meaning of Memorial Day is lost in sales, parties & BBQs. We decided that the most important question to ask Kelly, HM-1, Hospital Corpsman (the interviewee), was what the word “freedom” meant to her. Another important factor was for their mission to be included. We crafted out questions to get the audio from Kelly. It was hard to pick the best pieces as everything she said was incredibly powerful! The chosen music & natural sound effects were used to increase the emotion.

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