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Mahon About Town celebrates the Best of Nantucket. They cover major events on Nantucket Island.  We were honored when we found out they wanted to work with us. We decided to kick it all off with a popular event on the island, Daffodil Weekend. The goal was to create an exciting piece that would convert viewers into newsletter subscribers for the company. It needed to be produced, filmed & edited in less than 36 hours to ensure the buzz of the festivities was not missed.


People who love Nantucket, Local businesses & potential advertisers.


We worked closely with the company owner Gene Mahon to ensure what we shot & how we shot it was true to him & his company. Gene decided gathering testimonials from people enjoying the event would be a fun way to showcase the excitement. We came up with a list of quirky questions to get people talking & thinking. These produced great content for the piece. The edit need to be upbeat and engaging to ensure people wanted to watch more & subscribe. This video was produced & is owned by Gene Mahon. 

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