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Nantucket Looms have so many parts to their business, from a retail showroom to an on-site weaving studio and full interior design firm. We’ve created videos for them in past that have highlighted this so when they told us about their new product launch & how the Nantucket sea inspired it, we wanted to take a different approach.

Nantucket Looms & their customers have a lot in common but the most evident being Nantucket Island. We wanted to connect the viewer to the beauty of the inspiration.

We worked closely with Master Weaver Becky Pearner as we observed her craft & how she was inspired. While filming, there were times where the Blanket made wave-like motions, so we focused on those to help with the messaging. Throughout the process, we teamed with Bess Clarke (CEO) on incorporating their tagline “Bring Nantucket Home” through the scenes & script. Music needed to take a back seat on this production as the sound of the craft & nature took center stage.

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