Our Approach

With the right video production company, video marketing isn’t complicated.


The Way We Do It

A successful video marketing campaign starts with creativity & strategy so when you launch it, you see results. We’re more than a video production company. We understand storytelling & marketing and submerge ourselves in your world so that when we tell your story, we get it right.



We like to start things off by getting to know you because the more we understand, the better your video will be. During this phase, we meet with all key members of your team & listen to what your hopes are for the video. We do this because we don’t have a magical format for creating videos. Each project is different because every project has different goals, themes & messages. This is one of the most important parts of our collaboration with you.



Chris & Laura head back to the Yellow HQs & start brainstorming based off what we discussed with you & your team. We’ll present you with a document that clearly defines the project's goals, alongside multiple ideas for you to choose from.



Once the concept is agreed upon, we begin the pre-production process. We prepare everything for the upcoming shoots, from location to on-camera talent to schedules.



Lights. Camera. Action. Chris, Laura & the crew head on out to capture all the footage needed to make your project look great.



All the content we captured for your project will be organized. This is our favorite part. Your project will never leave Nantucket Island, it stays here with Chris & Laura, who craft it out & bring it to life. We’ll send you a “rough cut” so you can get a feel for the direction of the project.


Fine Cut

Based on your feedback from the “rough cut,” we’ll make changes & send them on over.


Final Cut

This is where we perfect your video. Color correction, audio mastering & final touches are implemented here.



It’s time to show the world your video. We’ll send you all the versions needed, from Instagram to the Dreamland. Whatever the format, you’re covered.


After we create your commercial, we guide you on how to promote it based on your target audience

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