New Adventures for Yellow Productions

New Adventures for Yellow Productions

#MakingTheJump - Our original web series won a Telly Award

A pat on the back is always nice! While we created the concept & content for this web series, if it wasn’t for the stories & advice of Nantucket businesses, we wouldn’t have this honor.

For those who don’t know, The Telly Awards are the premier awards honoring outstanding local, regional, and cable television commercials. Winners represent the best work of the most respected agencies and production studios in advertising, television, cable, and corporate video industries around the world.

Watch the award winning web series here

In 2013, when Yellow Productions first started, we never really expected it to grow, but as our love for our craft grew, so did our projects. We both graduated with film degrees, but didn’t have a business plan, money or work samples to show potential clients. So we decided to create something that would teach us how to become entrepreneurs, and at the same time, inspire others & help us create a portfolio. So after a lot of brainstorming, Entrepreneurs: #MakingTheJump was born. We contacted whom we felt were Nantucket’s most inspiring entrepreneurs & asked them how they got to where they were today. We insisted on real advice; nothing fluffy. We were serious about learning! From that first season, we learned that for most people it’s best if get your financials in order before making investments into your business & also, not to quit your job & go full-time unprepare (unless you really can’t stand your job anymore or you’re crying yourself to sleep because of it)

Check out season 1 here

So that’s what we did, we worked 2 or 3 jobs each and filmed & edited on our days off & the weekends. For season two, we asked ourselves what we needed to learn to get to the next step as our business was growing. We decided to feature entrepreneurs who partnered up with their spouse or colleges to expand their business or start a new one. From this season, we learned that time is the most valuable asset to have & it’s all about where you put it.  #MakingTheJump became more than a web series for us, this was the season that inspired us to “Make The Jump” ourselves. For the past 4 years, Chris has dedicated his time to the local TV station out here, Nantucket Community Television, & loved every second of it. They truly are such an incredible resource and organization for the island so deciding to leave them was not easy.  From April 1st, 2017, Chris is now fully dedicated to Yellow Productions.

“I loved working at NCTV! Interacting with the members, watching them learn and grow with a camera in their hand - it’s an experience I won’t forget. I’ll miss the team there, Lisa, Mark & Andrew have been awesome to work with. It’s bittersweet, I’m sad to leave the station but very excited to dedicate my energy towards Yellow Productions with Laura.”

This is a big milestone for Chris and for Yellow Productions. We really couldn’t be happier. While it was a scary decision to “Make The Jump,” we know it was the right one & we are excited for the future.

To Fisher Real Estate, Zofia & Co. and Gary Trainor of Jewel of the Isle, we share this award with you. Thank you for your compelling stories that we were honored to tell & the advice you shared to other entrepreneurs. We couldn’t have done it without you.



Laura Cunningham & Christopher Wendzicki

Creative Director & Director of Photography
With an extensive background & degree in video production, digital marketing & advertising, Laura is an award winning marketer who has worked on national & international campaigns for technology companies, non-profits, real estate & retail. In her spare time, Laura plays the guitar & sings alongside a large group of her musically talented friends. If she’s not on Nantucket, she’s travelling, whether it’s back home to Ireland or countries close by, she is a big believer that you can explore anywhere in one weekend, if you plan & research ahead of time. Laura loves creating itineraries, typically ones that have 20+ pages. Christopher is an emmy award winning director of photography, he has over 7 years of experience of working for TV stations across the US. In his spare time, Chris loves to ride his motorbike across the extremely long roads of Nantucket. He keeps the office entertained with his outbursts of songs, typically Christmas chart hits. To stay active, Chris enjoys runs through sanford farm & hitting up his local gym Nantucket Cycle & Fitness.