"We are here to hope with you, to support you & to remind you that love is the experience of writing your story. Even though this experience is so incredible, words fail us when we try to explain it. But that's just the way it is with love. It's meant to be felt and not described. Even though love can look different from one person to the next, we all know it when we see it and we see it here." - Martha Cary

We love the story of how these two met. If you know Katie, you know that she is full of energy and excitement, always! To learn that Evan was the one that pulled HER out onto the dance floor truly tells us that he is the one for her and they are the perfect pair! You'll learn more about their story throughout the film but this was a true highlight! 

The weekend kicked off with a quick film session at their favorite beach, Dionis. As the sun was setting, Katie & Evan had a chance to soak in the quiet moments alone (well, minus us lol) before the epic weekend of music, dancing, fun & love kicked off. 

The next evening, we had the pleasure of witnessing a Kaizer/Schwanfelder music session at Katie's parents home, and as Martha said, it was truly hard to tell where the Kaizer family began and where the Schwanfelder ended! These two families blend together so well. It's crazy to believe they haven't known each other their entire lives. We danced and sang the night away in disbelief that this was just the start of it all. 

The wedding day was full of emotion as Katie and Evan were surrounded by such love. These two are truly adored. From the welcoming reception they received as Katie & her bridal party came in by boat to the Nantucket Yacht Club, to the constant applause as each family member walked down the aisle, there wasn't a dry eye the entire night. It was beautiful! 

The night ended with some crazy moves on the dance floor with a Whale & Seagull. We won't ruin the surprise so sit back & soak in these 11 minutes of pure joy & love. 

Katie & Evan, we hope you love your highlight film as much as we did filming & creating it. 

Laura & Chris xo 

Wedding Planner: Maggie & Jenna of Nantucket Island Events
Videographer: Matt Kisiday, Chris Wendzicki Jr. & Laura Cunningham
Aerial Videographer & Coloring : Chris Wendzicki 
Editing: Laura Cunningham 
Photographer: Theilen Photography 
Wedding Venue: Nantucket Yacht Club
Reception: Nantucket Yacht Club 
Hair & Make-up: Darya Salon & Spa
Personal Florals: Betsey Brooks
Photo booth: Nantucket Photobooth
Flowers: Michael Molinar of Flowers On Chestnut 
Lighting, fire pits & poles: Perfect Nantucket Events/Billy Voss Production & Shannon Haddon
Cake: Cake Nantucket
Boat: Boat: Phil Osley of Sunken Ship
Tent: Nantucket Tents
Band: Splash
Stationary: Parchment
Catering: EJ Harvey Seagrille Restaurant
Dancing whale and seagull: Nanpuppets