Dreamland & Brewery

On Thursday, June 28th, 2018, we joined our friends Shaunna Glowacki and Brian Glowacki, at what was the most intimate and genius wedding. There is a great history behind these two people who thought they were just best friends! They were prom dates & have always been there for each other. Finally, 22 years later, they got hitched!

We joined Shaunna for a beautiful stroll to Flowers On Chestnut with her daughter to pick up some bouquets for her big day. Joined by their parents, we watched the two exchange vows on top of the Nantucket Dreamland with pure happiness and a ridiculous amount of laughs. Afterwards, the whole family took a short walk to Petticoat Row Bakery to pick out whatever flavor cupcakes they wanted as wedding cake! As the laughs & jokes continued, we joined them at Cisco Brewers for a beer and a dance, where they were greeted by family, friends & very excited strangers.

We've known Brian for 8 years! We first started following him to the Muse each Sunday to preform at Airband. Those were some of the most enjoyable & carefree years of our lives and though we feel like we grew up (or into adults ha) knowing Brian, it's been really cool to see him evolve! He's grown and succeeded so much in his comedy career, but there was one big change over the last few years, and that's when we noticed his prom date hanging around more than usual. Shaunna brings out a different kind of awesome energy in Brian & we love it! We love hearing the way he talks about her, the way he looks at her & more importantly, the ways he treats her and those two little munchkins. Fatherhood has never looked so good on you Brian! It's been so great getting to know Shaunna these past few years. You can tell in just these short clips what a caring, sweet person and mother she is.

Here's to chasing after your happily ever after, delighted you both found yours!
Laura & Chris